Famous women personalities 2023-24 (Part-5)

Famous women personalities/ current affairs/ inspiring females

Famous women personalities 2023-24 (Part-5)

Who has become the first woman Chief Justice of ‘Uttarakhand High Court’?

Ans: Ritu Bahri

Which ISRO scientist has been honored by France with its country’s highest honor ‘Legion of Honor’?

Ans: V R. Lalithambika

(Facts: Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO, Established- 15 August 1969, Headquarter-

Who has become the first ‘woman chief secretary’ of Uttarakhand?

Ans: Radha Raturi

(Facts: Radha Raturi has become the 18th Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand – Capital- Dehradun (Winter), Gairsain (Summer)

Chief Minister- Pushkar Singh Dhami, Governor- Gurmeet Singh

 Uttarakhand high court headquarter- Nainital)

Who has become the first woman to be promoted to the post of subedar in Indian Army?

Ans: Preeti Rajak (from Madhya Pradesh)

Who has become the new Director of Industrial Systems and Products ‘Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)’?

Ans: Bani Verma

(Facts: Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Headquarter- New Delhi, CEO- Nalin Singhal, Established- 13 November 1964, Founded by- Indian Government )

Who has become the first woman to become the head of ‘Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)’?

Ans: Neena Singh

(CISF- Central Industrial Security Force, Established-1969, Headquarter- New Delhi, India, President- Neena Singh)

Who has been honored with the 33rd Vyas Samman 2023?

Ans: Pushpa Bharti

(Facts- Creation of Pushpa Bharti: Memories, Memories and Memories)

Who has become India’s first female ‘Pitch Curator’?

Ans: Jacintha Kalyan

Who has been Appointed as ‘World Health Organization (WHO)’ Regional Director for Southeast Asia?

Ans: Saima Wazed

(Facts: Saima Wazed, is the daughter of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

World Health Organization (WHO), Headquarter- Geneva Switzerland, Established- 7 April 1948

Director General- Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus)

Who has become the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for 5th Time?

Ans: Sheikh Hasina

(Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina has been re-elected for the fifth time, Bangladesh- Capital- Dhaka, Currency- Bangladeshi Taka, Prime Minister- Sheikh Hasina, President- Mohammad Shahabuddin)

Rachna Kumari is related to which sport, who has been banned for 12 years in February 2024?

Ans: Hammer Thrower

Women’s Fashion brand ‘W’, which Indian actress has been chosen as its brand ambassador?

Ans: Anushka Sharma

Who has been awarded the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry’s ‘Nyholm Prize 2023’ for education?

Ans: Savita Ladage

(Facts: Why is it given- For his outstanding contribution to chemistry education)

The President of which country has resigned from her post due to the ‘child abuse pardon scam’?

Ans: Katalin Novak (Hungary)

(Fact- Hungary – Capital – Budapost, Currency- Forint (HUF), Prime Minister- Viktor Orban )

Who has become the first ‘Transwoman Traveling Ticket Examiner’ of Southern Railway?

Ans: Sindhu Ganapathi

Which singer Made a world record for singing in Most languages?

Ans: Sucheta Satish

(Facts: Sucheta sang in an unprecedented 140 languages during the ‘concert for climate’ organized in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Objective of Concert for climate: To raise awareness about climate change.)

Which Irish nationalist has been appointed as the First Minister of ‘Northern Ireland’ for the first time?

Ans: Michelle O’Neill

Famous women personalities 2023-24/ current affairs 2024/list of famous female personalities and their achievements

(Facts: Northern Ireland- located in the continent of Europe, capital- Belfast, Currency- Pound Sterling)

Which Indian actress has been honored with Saudi Arabia’s ‘Joy Awards 2024’ for the first time?

Ans: Alia Bhatt

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