AI Current Affairs 2024|Artificial Intelligence 2024 (Part-1)

Artificial Intelligence current affairs 2024
  • Collaboration: AIIMS, New Delhi, and CDAC, Pune, launched
  • Focus: Targets early detection of breast and ovarian cancers, prevalent in India.
  • Cancer Forecast: Lancet study predicts a 57.5% rise in cancer cases in India by 2040.
  • 2022 Statistics: Over 8 lakh cancer deaths in India, mainly due to late detection and a 20% survival rate.
  • Development: Created with CDAC and the Ministry of Electronics & IT, using AI to reduce false negatives.
  • Technology: Utilizes deep learning and self-learning to accurately analyze complex medical data.
  • Dataset: Analyzes about half a million radiological and histopathological images from AIIMS.
  • Implementation: Successfully used in five district hospitals, showing potential for broader impact.
  • Feedback: Received positive reviews at a Med-Hackathon during AIIMS Research Day.
  • Future Plans: Aims for further collaborations with cancer hospitals and research centers across India.

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